So you think you are a good squash player?

Squash, the mushy name of the game derived from the ’squash able’ ball; a simple and beautiful game, quite hurtful at times ( especially when that soft ball hits your nose with noteworthy velocity!). But in U.S., hardball singles and doubles are the predominant form of squash meaning simply a harder ball!

Being a good squash player has as much to do with your squash bag as it does with your speed agility and hand eye co-ordination. An effective squash player concentrates not just on their strategies ( but also on their squash bag, which most of seem to disregard.

A good squash player knows the importance of not just maintaining the health outside the four walls of squash but also within. Hence efficiently managing and maintaining the squash bag should not just be a task but an instinct the very same way as a back-hand flick is. First off, check out this article –

With a variety of squash bag options to choose from, it does become a difficult choice to select one that suits your persona and playing style (and of course budget). Some of us are good squash players but take it more as a stress buster on weekends with friends rather than to aspire any further about it. But that does not in any way mean that they can afford to disregard the need of a well maintained squash bag kit, as a good player knows that prevention of any accidents is way better than its cure. A pair of protective goggles, and backups need to be absolute permanent resident of your squash bag Also some bandage and gauze with an antiseptic would be a lifesaver addition to your squash bag.

Accidents and safety aside, spare racquets in your squash bag are essential in the game. Not simply for backups; but also for the fact which if you are a good player you would know by now, that a different opponent and style warrants a different racquet. A heavy racquet when powerful hits are opponents’ weakness, or a feather light one when you need swift strokes.

A few pairs of headbands and bandanas are hands down necessity of the squash bag. Wristbands, like the other do need a place in your squash bag to keep you in game sans sweat. Your squash bag should also contain a couple of bottles of hydrants (or protein drinks) whichever being your preference but with constant sweating your body needs effective hydrating agents.

Grips and grip tapes in your squash bag need to be there to handle small wear and tears that might happen during the game. Also modern kits would need iPhone holders. Spare pair of shoes, socks, t-shirts, towels, sanitizers, etc. though optional are well advised usual objects in a good players squash bag.

Remember a warrior is only as good as his armour. And a squash player is only as good as his squash bag.


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